Why potato starch is great for 3D Creative Arts!


1.Potato Starch sticks without glue and only water is needed.


Arts and crafts that requires glue only results in a sticky mess for parents to clean up. One of the convenient things about Potato Starch is that no glue is required for the Fischer TiPs (TiPs) to stick together. The TiPs only require a dab of water from a wet sponge for them to stick to each other.


2. Potato starch have outstanding adhesive qualities


When wet the potato starch will not only stick to each other but can also stick to paper allowing room for more creative creations. Potato starch has great sticking power allowing your children to turn their creative imaginations to reality.



3. Potato starch allows the vibrancy and powerful lustrous colours of the food dye to show through


Unlike corn starch which is yellow in nature, potato starch is white which allows the TiPs to have a more fuller and stronger colour payoff. 3D creative arts using potato starch TiPs will be more colourful and bright which is another factor that is of attraction to children.


4. Fischer TiPs are made up of only Potato starch and food colouring therefore safe for children

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In the event that your children do put Fischer TiPs (TiPs) into their mouthes, parents do not need to panic as the TiPs have been strictly tested for its safety in Germany. Europe is known for their strict quality control measures when it comes to food and safety grade products.

*We do not encourage TiPs to be taken as substitution for food


5.The Fischer TiPs are an award winning product


The Fischer TiPs has won several awards in Germany including the Golden Rocking Horse Award as well as the Educationally Valuable award from Spielgut. The TiPs made from potato starch are not only of high quality but also meets Spielgut’s high standards of being environmentally friendly, promotes toy fantasy and imagination, safe, being the right size for children, adds toy diversity and age appropriate.



6. Fischer TiPs are cost effective 

FotorCreated (1)


The TiPs can be used to make decorations, mobile hangers, christmas ornaments and much more which will save you money from purchasing these items instead.



7. Fischer TiPs will make a great Christmas present 

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The whole family can enjoy some quality family time by making christmas decorations and ornaments together. Fischer TiPs are also suitable for adults allowing an opportunity for parents to connect with their children while making festive creations together.

Fischer TiPs are purchasable at our 11street store!

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