MSC APICTA Malaysia featuring our primary and secondary school students.


The objective of the MSC Malaysia Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology Awards (MSC Malaysia APICTA) is to provide recognition to outstanding achievements of individuals, students, entrepreneurs, SMEs and organizations with operations in Malaysia.
This is a nationwide competition where multiple ideas were submitted for the best of primary school category but only the top 5 were selected for a final presentation.
Out of the 5, we are proud to share that our students from SKTTDI1 had 3 ideas selected, they were:
Project Name- Team members names
1. NLiS (Night Light Sensor) – Adam F., Mikyle, Muhammad Emin, Adly and Adam H.

Description : When Night Light Sensor detects objects on a road, street lights will be turned on, otherwise street lights will be turned off to save electricity.


2. SC (Smart Cutter) – Ariff, Adam N., Sastro, Zuhairi and Elijaz.

Description: Smart Cutter detects tall grass and cuts it. It turns when obstacles are detected.


3. Ultrasonic Blind Walking Stick – Haritz, Dahlia, Zarif, Elixir and Luqman.

Description : Ultrasonic Blind Walking Stick alerts blind person when it senses obstacles.


There are 5 projects were selected for final presentations in secondary student project category. We are proud to share that 1 of the finalists are from SMKDU:

Temperature Mood Ball – Zaharin, Zarifah and Sofiya.

Color of mood ball will change based on different room temperature.


Congratulations to the students whose ideas were selected. For the ideas that weren’t selected, let’s work together to polish it up and all the best in 2017’s competitions.

For more photos and information related to this event, please feel free to check out our facebook page.

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