Maker Faire BeRobot Competition Tainan 2014

03-Jul-15 4-52-01 PM

BeRobot Competition was held in Maker Fair in Chengkung University, Tainan, Taiwan on 15th November 2014.

10 primary school students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Tun Dr Ismail (1) participated in this competition. Students previously attended a 7-week Robotic Class in their school, led by Jimmy Leong and team from Brain Bytes. We are very happy and proud to announce that the 1st and 2nd prize were snagged by SKTTDI (1) teams. The team’s were “Screw-it” which consists of Muhammad Adam Iskandar Bin Zelman Saliza and Ahmad Shahmi Nazli Bin Ahmad Shalimin who bagged the first prize. Followed by “Technobot”, consists of Nur Diyana Amani Binti Khairuddin and Amirun Bin Zulkifli who came in second.

Also, the remaining 3 participating teams of SKTTDI (1), Malaysia were “Razor” (Muhammad Zakwan Aiman Bin Zafri Effendi and Muhammad Aqil Bin Ahmad Naguib), “PizzaBot” (Alina Shazana Binti Ahmad Shalimin and Sofiya Binti Suyanto), and “XbotX” (Mohamad Adam Bin Mohd Faizal and Syafiq’ Aizat B Andi Suswandi) , they too competed valiantly and received consolation prizes.

We also like to make a special thanks to :

  1. All parents and teachers for being super supportive throughout the competition and trip.
  2. Taiwan Embassy & Techtrans Advanced Sdn Bhd for being great partners.
  3. BeRobot for organizing this competition.

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