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How To Make 3D Creative Arts- Princess Leia and Yoda Hanging Mobile

Princess Leia


Items required:

Wet sponge, 9x FischerTiPs (1x white, 1x Black, 1x Grey, 3x Skin Colour, 3x Brown), Scissors


Step 1: Roll up three skin coloured TiPs to form the head

Step 2: Cut up the left and right side of the end of one white TiP to a slant

Step 3: Dampen the skin coloured TiP with the wet sponge and then press onto the tip of the white TiP

Step 4: Cut up the brown TiP until straight pieces that are of equal length to the skin coloured TiP (head of Princess Leia)


Step5: Stick on the cut up brown TiPs onto the back of the head

Step 6: Cut up each end of one brown TiP and squeeze the cut up ends until a smaller size to fit with the size of the head of Princess Leia

Step 7: Dampen the ends of the cut up brown tips and stick onto each side of the head



Step 8: Cut up a thin strip of the grey TiP and stick it onto the lower part of the white TiP

Step 9: Continue adding more grey TiPs to the back of the body

Step 10: Cut up little pieces of the black TiP and roll it up for the eyes. Stick onto the face of the TiP

Step 11: Cut up some string and add to the back of Princess Leia by sticking some more brown tip on top of the string to secure it. Once this is done it can be used to hang on mobiles or as a Christmas ornament decoration



Items Required:

8 x FischerTiPs, wet sponge, cutting tool, scissor, 15cm-long thread


Step 1: Prepare all the necessary FischerTiPs and tools, a scissor is optional as some parts of the key chains might be easier shaped with scissor.

Step 2: Start with making the main body of Yoda, use two FischerTiPs to make its ears and round head. And stick the end of ear to the head and make it seamless and vivid.

Step 3: Cut one piece of yellow FischerTiP into half and shape with a bit water to make the robe. Then stick to the orange body which is 3/4 of one FischerTiP.


Step4: Flip to the back. And stick the thread into Yoda’s back with a bit FischerTiP. Same color is suggested to make it real.

Step 5: Create the accessories parts including two black dots of FischerTiPs as eyes, and white eye balls, blushing face, two round hands, and a knife made as picture shown, and stick them into main body.

Step 6: Tada! Adjust the creature slightly and we are done! The leftover of FischerTips are shown as picture. The string requires just few pieces of FischerTips to hold it into place. This Yoda can now be used as a mobile accessory or as a Christmas ornament decoration.

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