Koji Payne

Edu Engineer

Koji has a background in mechatronic engineering and science, and is working towards a sustainable and fair world. His experiences of the 2011 East-Japan Earthquake, volunteering towards the recovery of Tohoku and his university friends who studied sustainability science made him think about the importance of sustainability and community. Now based in Australia, he practises ethical living, and he promotes and educates about ethical living through his activities as volunteer coordinator of Moral Fairground. He is also interested in living a lifestyle of fitness, and believes that physical activity and enjoying the outdoors have roles to play in sustainability.

He believes in technology with purpose that is environmentally sustainable and socially appropriate, not technology for the sake of it or for the pursuit of profit. He enjoys facilitating the learning of science and engineering, as well as their purposeful application to solve problems. He also believes that through partnering sincerely with communities and experts in other fields, engineers and scientists can have both the know-how and good conscience to work towards a resilient world that respects humans, animals and the environment.


Koji Payne
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