Evolta- A small robot that took up challenges not all humans can do.

Does the name Evolta sound familiar to you? Panasonic Evolta. Rings the bell, doesn’t it? That’s because in collaboration with Panasonic, Professor Takahashi created Mr Evolta, a robot that is battery-powered by Panasonic Evolta to complete different challenges to prove the battery’s durability.

Source: Panasonic

In 2008, Evolta was powered by two Evolta AA batteries climbed a 500-meter suspended rope suspended in Grand Canyon for nearly seven hours (EnGadget).


In 2009, Evolta participated in “24 Hours of Le Mans” endurance challenge, gaining the Guinness World Record as the longest distance traveled by a battery-operated remote-controlled model car. Evolta pedaled a miniature tricycle at 1 km/h for 24 hours to complete 23.85 kilometres (New Atlas).

In 2010, Evolta walked for 500 km from Tokyo to Kyoto. He finished in two months-although seemed like a long time but he was actually ahead of schedule. Dragging a dozen Evolta batteries, Evolta only walked during the days with no rain (EnGadget).


In 2011, Evolta was set to complete hardest challenge- the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii. Professor Takahashi prepared three Evoltas to take up this triathlon, each for different challenge. The Evoltas mission was to complete the triathlon in 168 hours and they again, defeated the deadline when they finished in 166 hours and 56 minutes  (EnGadget).


In a nutshell, Mr Evolta robot serves his purpose to prove Panasonic’s battery Evolta can last for a very long time. It is on sale for people who collect robot, or just in love with that cute robot. Who wouldn’t want a cute robot that doesn’t come from the future to kill you, right?

Check those videos out and tell us what you think. If you’d like, you can create your own Evolta using fischer TiPs. Share you creation with us!

p/s: If you’re a big fan of Ghost In The Shell (the anime), stay tuned for our next blog, we are going to talk about Tachikoma coming to life.

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