Brain Bytes

A Beginner’s guide to 3D Creative Arts

So now you have got your hands on some FischerTiPs, where do you start?


Here are some ideas:

  1. Start by making a 2D creation. This can be done by using a template printed on a piece of A4 paper. Some basic templates can be downloaded here or you can google up templates of whatever you want to make


Printed Template (Left Image) ; 2D creation using TiPs(Right Image).


2. Did you know that you can make your 2D art more 3D just by adding more tips to the back of the paper? Stick more tips on the other side of your A4 sheet, making sure that the TiPs are aligned with the TiPs in front. In the image below TiPs are stuck onto the other side of the ‘ABC’ template from step 1.


Side view of ABC template

3. Think of any theme for example animals, plants, movies, important events etc and you can repeat steps 1 and 2 to create even more designs



4. The TiPs stick really well to paper including newspaper. As seen in the photo below, you can use newspaper to help give your 3D art dimension and shape. Newspaper has been used for the body of the Brain Byte dragon to help give its shape.

Newspapers (Left Image) used as filler inside Dragon (Right Image) body.


5. Tools helps makers into master makers!

Building Block Mould, Paint Glue Cap, Cutting Tool, Stick


The tools provided with the TiPs such as the cutting tool, stick, building block mould and paint glue cap enables you to create more defined and realistic 3D creative arts.


TiP Mask (Left Image);  Dragon (Right Image).


6. Challenge yourself and build a city, town, jungle or garden! The possibilities are endless!


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Submit and share your creations with the world! Take a photo or upload a video onto youtube and tag us on Facebook ! Meet other 3D Creative Artists and Spark your creaTiPity today!



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