5 Reasons Why Germany Produces Great Educational Tools

  1. They have great inventors such as Artur Fischer, who invented the wall plug or S-Plug and many other inventions earning him the rights to 1,080 patents and 5,867 trade rights.




Artur Fischer (left), S-Plug (right)
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2. German automobile manufacturers such as Porsche, Daimler Chrysler and BMW uses FischerTechnik rapid prototyping tools for their industrial training.

FotorCreated car

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3. Artur Fischer created products that help improve children’s understanding of  S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology,Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)



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4. Fischertechnik is a multiple award winning product, it won its first award in 1966 for “Best Toy 1966”   only a year after it was first invented. Over the course of 50 years Fischertechnik has continued to win more awards including the “Golden Rocking Horse” one of the most coveted German’s consumer prizes. Click on this link to check out the list of all awards won by Fischertechnik.


award techniks

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5. Fischer was able to successfully combine learning and playing together making Fischertechnik both fun and educational for students.



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